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Two women undergo IVF to share the physical experience of making a baby

Allison and her wife both wanted to experience different parts of baby-making and parenthood, so they decided to do partner-assisted in vitro fertilization. Here’s the story of how Alison got pregnant with her wife’s baby

Self-care during fertility treatments

If you’re doing fertility treatments, chances are pretty good that you’re stressing the fuck out. Not only do you have the logistics of appointments and medications (and physical/emotional weirdness from said medications), but if you found your way to fertility treatments after dealing with infertility, then you’ve got the emotional burdens from THAT whole awfulness.

And then, as if the whole process wasn’t stressful enough, then you have to stress about STRESSING, because everyone tells you that anxiety will negatively influence your chances of getting pregnant. Not stressing isn’t just an issue of sanity — it’s an issue of treatment effectiveness. AARGH!

So, that’s all fine and good: DON’T STRESS. But how? How can you keep yourself calm and non-anxious during the mind-fuck that is fertility treatments?

Queer parenting decisions: choosing a known sperm donor

Queer families have many questions to consider when planing a family: adopt or conceive? Who will carry? Should we choose someone we know to donate an egg/sperm?

Supporting the offbeat & subfertile

Recently, one of my dearest friends told me she’s been having fertility problems for about a year. I feel really helpless and unsure of the best way to support her.
How can you be a good offbeat pre-auntie or uncle when things aren’t going so smoothly?

Figuring out when to stop: a couple’s struggle with infertility

Diane and her husband are approaching infertility treatments and wondering just how far they’ll go to conceive a child.

Coming out of the infertility closet

I struggled with infertility for five years before conceiving my son … and a big part of the challenge was the fact that it was a secret. Maybe it’s time to tell my story. You should know, this is a long, long story.