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DIY fleece liners to keep your cloth-diapered baby dry at night

Need a way to keep your cloth-diapered baby dry at night? Lindsay’s written up this handy tutorial for you!

I toilet trained my baby from day 1

I read about how some parents go diaper free, and teach their babies to use the potty. I was more than skeptical, but then…

Cloth Diaper Confessions aka The Disposable Seduction

At about six weeks we started going out more, and that’s when the seduction of the disposable diapers really started. It was just SO much easier to have Conan in a disposable diaper when we were out and about.

What I learned from our first camping trip with a baby

When our son was six months old, my husband and I packed up our new/old Westfalia (aka The Vantasy) and headed to Washington’s Deception Pass for our first family camping trip. Granted, this wasn’t backpacking (just car camping) but I still learned a few things: Cloth diapers are great for the great outdoors, as long […]

Feeding my cloth diaper hankering

Ok, you can count me among the obsessed. If I wasnt a hippie, I would probably cloth diaper just for the fact that disposables don’t come in Skull print. But seriously, how cute are these diaper covers from Rethinkcrafts? SO freakin cute, and competitively priced with other similar covers. These are covers for prefolds. But […]

How to change a diaper on a plane

I am a frequent reader of Offbeat Mama & am expecting my first child in May. My husband and I will be traveling with the baby in July, when the baby is about 8 weeks old. We’re flying from the East Coast to Denver. I keep seeing advice on dealing with breastfeeding while traveling, and […]

Why are mamas so obsessed with cloth diapers?

First, let me say this: we are using cloth diapers. I like cloth diapers! Several of my friends are cloth diapers! Now that we’ve established that … I am genuinely confused by how genuinely obsessive many mamas are about cloth diapering. There are multiple online communities dedicated to cloth diapering discussion, swaps, and drama. There […]

What’s in YOUR diaper bag?

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.