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Hit up libraries for old books for your book-killing craft projects

Love all the book craft projects that are out there (like these GORGEOUS centerpieces featured on Offbeat Bride) but can’t handle the idea of being a book killer? Don’t fret, my pets!

Upcycle jars from your recycling bin with scrapbook paper

Just look at these adorable jars! Can you believe that before they were the perfect way Offbeat Homie Léah organized her craft supplies, these jars were trash?

Create your own personalized magnets with bottlecaps

Offbeat Bride Tribe member GlitterPixzy can show you how to create personalized magnets out of leftover bottle caps and resin. Head over to Offbeat Bride to see the how-tos.

Make your own crafty yarn tainers

Remember when I introduced y’all to Yarn Tainers? Well look what popped up in our Flickr pool! Katherine (aka Owntohands) saw our Yarn Tainer post and got inspired to make her own convenient yarn holders…

Use a bottlecap as a paint palette for small art projects

Amy Watkins (of dresser-turned-planter fame) submitted this great idea to our Flickr pool…

Golden Girls cross-stitch

I LOVE seeing new stuff when it pops up in the Offbeat Home Flickr pool. (Ahem, have YOU been submitting?) And our latest photo addition is one of the best things I’ve ever seen to come out of the crafting world: Viva la Frida’s Golden Girls cross stitch.

Going vintage: How I learned to stop worrying and love my vintage sewing machine

My husband asked me, “Why are you spending all this time and money on these old sewing machines? Wouldn’t you rather have a new one?” *Insert horrified look here* This is why I ultimately abandoned my modern electric sewing machine and went vintage full-time.

Toddler aliens are cute: how we DIYed our daughter’s alien-themed photo session

TRIGGER WARNING: we’re gonna talk about aliens here. I mention this because when we ran Nicole’s alien abuduction-themed maternity photos in September 2011, it freaked a few people out. This year Nicole’s back with another alien-themed session, this time featuring her now-18-month-old daughter, Taylor, decked out in homemade alien regalia. Here’s the scoop.