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Learn how to make this super easy DIY canvas light art

Learn how to make this super easy DIY canvas light art

Have you seen those decor canvases that have LED light patterns in them? We’ve seen them in stores, of course, but also in DIY tutorials for constellation patterns and nature scenes. This tutorial to make your own version requires only a few tools to create rad, personalized wall decor with the same LED-lit concept. All you need is some blank canvas, acrylic paint, LED lights, and some inspiration.

Last minute no-carve pumpkin ideas for Halloween

Last minute no-carve pumpkin ideas for Halloween (geeky, chic, or cute as hell!)

It’s almost Halloween, you’ve got kids coming over (or adults for pumpkin-flavored cocktails!), and you’re so not in the mood to start carving and de-gooping pumpkins. I’ll be honest, I’m almost never in the mood, outside of when I can roast those seeds. Yum.

But if you’re not down with pulling out pumpkin guts and want something a little shmancier than simply painting them one color, here are some rock ‘n’ roll, glam AF, and easy as (pumpkin) pie no-carve pumpkin ideas…

How to make art when you're "not an artist"

How to make art when you’re “not an artist”

Saint Bob Ross once said, “If you don’t think you can do this — you’re not realizing how simple it is.” That’s how he wanted us to look at making art. And it’s true. Whether it’s painting, knitting, building furniture, writing music, telling stories… the creative process is easy, and so so hard.

Here’s how you can fight the fear and start making art…

How to make a dragon egg with nail polish and thumb tacks

We’re DIYing our wedding decor and favors — my favorite of which are our DIY dragon eggs!

These geeky items are gorgeous, easy to make, and relaxing. Here’s how to make a dragon egg…

Turn your Etsy envy into wood burning with pyrography

My love for pyrography, aka wood burning, came from Etsy envy.

In an effort to share this most exciting of journeys with you, my dearest DIY Homies, here are the things you will need to start your pyrographical adventure from Etsy envy to unfettered creativity…

Get scary nerdy with these geeky Jack-o-Lantern stencils!

While brainstorming ideas for our Halloween wedding, the first project my guy and I agreed on were these nerdy Jack-o-Lanterns. We wanted them to cover a broad range of our interests from comic books, to TV fandoms, and classic literature. In the spirit of love, we want you to steal this idea for your Halloween pumpkins! All of the templates we have are pre-sized and ready for you to print and carve.

Coloring books for grown-ass adults

I’m crappy at every craft ever, but coloring… dudes, I’m awesome at that AND it’s something I can do while I have a glass (bottle?) of wine. And then I stumbled upon the world of adult coloring books. Check these guys out…

Make your own paper, then use it for fauxidermy

I was taking a little trip back in the Offbeat Home Flickr pool and found some crafty gold! One Homie upload a tutorial for how to make your own paper, and one Homie to covered her fauxidermied deer head with book pages. Keep reading to learn how to make all things papery…