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Offbeat Home’s Cooking Challenge, Day 2’s recipes: Quiche, quesadillas, and a spicy curry

On Day 2 of cooking challenge, I plan to load Megan up on cheese, strawberries, and dark chocolate. It’s good-for-you food, but only if you can control yourself! I’m not great at limiting myself when presented with tasties.

Megan’s Offbeat Home cooking challenge

Hi. I’m Megan, the Empire’s Associate Publisher and I’m a HORRIBLE eater. I can’t cook, I can’t even shop for food. But Ariel and Cat are going to shake up my pre-packaged meal life with their challenge. Here’s the deal…

Recipes for one: Pho, the pinnacle of comfort foods

Now that I’m living on my own, I have to figure out what I’m not too lazy to cook for myself. Luckily, there’s Pho to the rescue!

Here’s my recipe for a simple soup you can customize MANY ways to keep your lonesome self happy.

Entering a life of Living Apart Together

So last week, my partner got an amazing job offer in another state. He accepted the offer on Tuesday. Yesterday, he moved into his new apartment six hours away from our home.

We had to make quick decisions and plan a second Rockethaus household in the last few days, and I’m finding myself thinking about very different home topics: Safety! Security! How fast can I acquire more cats! Will I eat anything besides potatoes!

Yes, folks. I’m now entering a lifestyle known as “Living Apart Together.” It’s not as uncommon as you might think — hey, there’s even a Wikipedia entry all about it — but it is new to me. Here’s how the transition is going…