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How to blend two schools of thought about cleaning under one roof

I try to do daily cleaning until I get behind and overwhelmed. Then he will take a weekend and do a massive cleaning. We both end up feeling like the other one never does any cleaning. How can we find a better compromise?

My partner wants a bland palette in our new home. What can I do to keep color alive?

If my current house was an analogy of a clown puking all over everything — which is a description I’ve heard — the new house would make that same clown drop dead from sadness. What can I do?!

Husband: pack rat. Me: neat freak. How do we learn to compromise?

SO MANY COUPLES (or roommates, or families) have the deadly combo of packrat + neat freak. When your organizational styles clash, what can you do to ease the tension?

How can I make my weird scene shit fit into my sophisticated adult home?

I love my stuff, but I need to find a compromise between overgrown scene kid and a totally bland tract house. What do I do?