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Has anyone tried composting their pet waste?

I’ve been thinking about alternative methods to dispose of my dog’s waste. There seems to be some controversy over the best disposal method. Has anyone tried composting pet waste? Is anyone aware of the environmental impacts of composting pet waste compared to throwing it in the garbage?

Composting with a PVC worm tube

I was sitting out on the deck one day and noticed my neighbor, Erin, bringing food scraps to a long pipe in her backyard. I knew it had to be composting, but I hadn’t seen it done in a tube before. Erin is a college student majoring in Environmental Studies so I knew she’d have awesome insight into composting, so I picked her brain for the infos.

Get started with apartment composting

When I was in Seattle for the Offbeat-empire-weekend-of-awesome, I commented to Ariel about how impressed I was at the public compost bins. I’m a big believer that one of the best things we can do for the earth is to compost. Then I casually mentioned that I had ordered a Bokashi composter to try out and she was all “Offbeat Home post?” Then I told Cat and she was all “Yes! Please!” Then we became adults again. I swear.

Make better use of your kitchen’s resources to waste less food and save more money

Wasting food is a bummer. It’s a waste of money, it’s a disappointment, and it can be prevented. Here are eight ways to waste less of your precious, tasty, delicioso food.

Reduce the STANK in your house: solving common stinky problems

Not all my apartments were shitty, but they all had their own stank issues, as small spaces are wont to do. But every cloud has a silver lining: since two of our three apartments were less than 650 square feet — and the third was half-underground and always moist — I had to learn how to keep common stinky problems from overwhelming us.

It’s Earth Day! Read 12 ways to make your home greener for the next year

It’s Earth Day! Right, we all totally remembered and planned to do something! YAY, environment!
Great! Learn how to tune up your bike — and 11 other ways to green up this spring.