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Raaaaaawr: it’s a stomping good collection of dinosaur-themed fun

Let’s talk about DINOSAURS! It’s been nearly a year since the beloved but extinct relation of birds was mentioned on Families, so it’s probably time. If your house is anything like mine and there’s a toddler or preschooler running around, the odds are likely fairly high that you’re already spending your fair share of time mulling over this creatures with your kids ANYWAY. Here are a few awesome dino-themed products I found that will interest the young and not-as-young alike.

Here’s the place for tons of practical, body-positive maternity clothes advice

No one article of clothing is going to fit the same way all through your pregnancy. You’ll need different clothes at different times, and you’re not going to get the same level of fit you would when your body’s not changing shape. At least not for long.

A ton of gift ideas for your expecting friends

The problem with baby showers and registries is that you don’t know your baby yet and as novice parents you really don’t know what you are going to need. And you aren’t going to know whether or not your child will hate the really expensive bouncer that their grandparents purchase them off of the registry.

Comfy flats for early pregnancy and post-partum living

For some of us, comfy shoes are a BIG DEAL during pregnancy. I remember being surprised by how quickly my feet started aching during my first trimester, and it was to the comfy shoes that I trod.

School-friendly closed toe slip-on shoes for toddlers and kids

You already know it’s back-to-school time in many parts of the world, but what you may NOT realize is that many schools (at least those in the Northern Hemisphere) have a closed-toe shoe policy firmly in place. Rather than argue if this makes sense or not (I admit I don’t completely understand the reasons behind the policies — safety? Nail polish?), it’s way more fun to cruise the internet for sparkly and/or brightly-colored closed-toe slip-on shoes like these red wool shoes by the folks at TOMS ($29).

Where can I find nice clothes for my big baby?

I have always had a hard time finding clothes to fit him right. He has always been in double the age size at least for his age. He’s got amazingly chunky legs and the poor boy has been in sweat pants for such a long time.

DIY jersey maternity dress: an easy way to deal with summer heat during pregnancy

If you’re pregnant this time of the year, especially in the early stages, you probably are wondering what you can wear during the summer. When I was pregnant last year, jersey dresses sounded like the best way to deal with heat — they’re cool, comfy around the waist, and stretchy enough to last until late pregnancy. However, I had a weirdly hard time finding the jersey dresses I envisioned in stores — most dresses had waists that were a little too low, or they were long and heavy maxi dresses, or their fabric wasn’t stretchy enough.

How can I easily navigate the transition back to working outside the home?

I’m getting ready to go back to work, but here’es the catch: I haven’t done paid work in six years. I am feeling so anxious about every step of the process: proving that even though I didn’t get paid, I’ve built skills steadily along the way; learning how to get back into the groove of dealing with co-workers; what might make the transition easier for me and my two sons, right down to wondering what professional women wear nowadays.