Crafting projects + charities = DIY for good

We've been talking about the hurdles of learning to sew recently and got a great comment that made me think: can charities + crafting = DIY for good? If you're learning to sew, quilt, crochet, whatever, is there a way to donate your crafted items to a charity who needs them? Sees like a no-brainer. I decided to find out.

Huge list of places to donate to help Texas during Hurricane Harvey

If you're watching the news and seeing all the flooding, devastation, stranded groups of people, and want to know how to help Texas recover from Hurricane Harvey, you're not alone. We've seen some great compilations of charities and organizations to which you can donate, and have rounded up as many as we could find. Please chime in with your own suggestions in the comments!

Should I volunteer or start a job?

I know that volunteering would be an amazing way to gain the experience that I need, but with graduation quickly coming and all my debt looming in the distance, I worry if I can afford it and if it's worth the risk. Then again, I have had a few professors tell me that I should get a job instead of volunteering or interning, but I worry that no one will hire me due to lack of experience.