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Breastfeeding without the milk (using the Supplemental Nursing System)

I waited for my breasts to change the nine(ish) months I was pregnant — to grow or change in some way. I knew that they didn’t always get larger during pregnancy, but I never really experienced anything at all in the way of breast changes. The only time I remember any breast-related pregnancy symptom was having tender nipples once or twice — it was uncomfortable, but secretly I was cheering on the inside because I was worried about the lack of changes. One more than one occasion I did wonder out loud if I would have milk production issues since my breasts were not showing any indication that they would be up to the task.

Pumping and bottle-feeding saved us

Breastfeeding is awesome, but we sucked at it. Here’s how we got past that.

The b(r)east of both worlds — using formula AND breastfeeding

Overnight, I became a working mother (Really! Interviewed on Tuesday morning, offered the job that afternoon and began work the next day). I dutifully hauled my breastpump to work everyday. I felt guilty for leaving Stella so soon, and the prospect of weaning her to formula made me feel even worse!

After two weeks of pumping, I was done…

What to do when breastfeeding just doesn’t work

Laura tried breastfeeding her son, Sammy, and you know what? It turns out breastfeeding isn’t for everyone — mamas and babies alike — and that’s ok.

Dealing with clogged ducts while breastfeeding

One morning I woke up with a huge, hard lump on my right breast. I didn’t know where it came from and totally freaked out – Did I have a tumor!? I wrote my mama friends, did some reading and figured out it was had to be a clogged duct.

What no one told me about post-partum life

I wish people had given me specific examples of adjustments they made after giving birth. So knowing that, here are my observations as a new mom of three weeks.

Why I’m over and done with breastfeeding

I’ve had some struggles with breastfeeding in the four months since my son was born. One of those struggles was just grappling with the SHOCK that it could be so hard. The newest shock is that I’m throwing in the towel.