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How to pack for a 10-day trip with only carry-on bags

I am flying to Hawaii for ten days and only taking carry on luggage. I’m also not planning to wear the same clothes all week, smell funky, look awful in my holiday photos and probably fall out with anyone I’m traveling with. Nor am I planning on buying EVERYTHING when I get there (though i will buy a few key items). I packed smart and packed light, AND included all the things I’ll need for our various adventures. Here’s how…

Vino Sleeves: How to make a giftable wine bag out of old clothes

Whether you’re toting your favorite bottle to a picnic in the park, a BYOB at a buddy’s or dressing up a gift, here are a couple ways to make a sleeve for your vino, using old sweaters or baby clothes.

Upcycle old maps by turning them into gift bags

Over on Offbeat Bride our DIY editor Liz has got a great post on how to make a gift bag out of a map. This tutorial is a great way to recycle something old into something new, AND guarantee you’ll never have to buy gift bags again!