If I don't know you, I won't talk to you: why I have a cruel blacklisting app on my phone

While attending a small film festival a few years ago, I made the mistake of texting my vote for the festival's best film. Within a couple days, my phone number had been sold to marketers and I started receiving a ton of text spams.

This made me very angry. I was already dealing with telemarketers calling my mobile, trying to sell me mortgage refinancing and carpet cleaning, and now I had to deal with shitty text spamming too? It started getting to the point where half the time my phone made a noise, it was a voicemail from a telemarketer or a text spam.

7 reasons why SimpleRegistry can make getting what you need RIDICULOUSLY simple

A lot of you Homies might remember our long-time sponsor SimpleRegistry from when we've talked about them over on Offbeat Bride. SimpleRegistry is changing the way engaged couples (or non-engaged individuals with needs) create and share a registry. With cool tools that make registering for gifts fun and personable, y'all can create a registry that is reflective of your personality, instead of the latest inventory of the big box retail stores.

And since we last talked about SimpleRegistry, they've made quite a few awesome changes y'all might be interested in…