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Green strategies for the prevention of bedbugs and fleas — so your neighbor’s problem doesn’t become YOUR problem

A reader question on many people’s minds: Bedbugs are coming! How can I prevent an infestation? Read on for nine green tools that work on fleas and bedbugs.

How to live with your in-laws while still feeling like an adult and maintaining your autonomy

Loads of us are shacking up with in-laws to save money, but it’s not always easy to feel good about being in the ‘rents house. Luckily, Offbeat Bride’s Community Manager Ang has a WEALTH of ideas on bringing your style to a prohibitive cohabitation situation.

Storing comic books: ditching a short box for a showier display

This couple is stumped on functional, accessible, more interesting way to store comics. What are your ideas about how they can store comic books in an attractive (not boring) way that will please both of them?

How can I make my weird scene shit fit into my sophisticated adult home?

I love my stuff, but I need to find a compromise between overgrown scene kid and a totally bland tract house. What do I do?

How to go goth without painting your walls black

Lady of the Manners is going to let you in on a little secret: every Goth goes through a stage where we think that painting a room black is a great idea. In truth, it isn’t.