Mmmacabre: Skulls in the Kitchen

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Over on Pinterest I’ve been curating some dark and gothic home decor. To me, this means mostly black, sometimes Victorian, and lots of skulls. My strategy for incorporating these elements in my own home is to limit it to accessories, linens, and art. This sets the tone without being overbearing or feeling too much like Halloween decorations. I found lots of great products for your kitchen, but many of these examples can be used in other rooms, too. If you want to brighten up your kitchen with some darkness, follow me…

Kitchen Tools


Boston Warehouse has this awesome Bone Collector collection. Clockwise from top left: Footed Candy Dish (perfect for holding hand soap next to the sink); Skeleton Oven Mitt; Bottle Stoppers (for oils and vinegar); Scrubby Holder; Kitchen Brush, Purple (lots of other colours available).

Linens and Ceramics

Etsy is the source for some marvellous skull designs on linens and ceramics. Click through the photos to check out the product.

Photo from countercouturedesign
Photo by countercouturedesign.

Photo by Weezi.
Photo by Weezi.

Photo by foldedpigs.
Photo by foldedpigs.

Photo by foldedpigs.
Photo by foldedpigs.

Art and Decor

Skulls on Society6
Skulls on Society6

Never forget to hang art in your kitchen. It’s an incredibly easy way to incorporate skulls with a very low level of commitment. Check out Society6 for hundreds (if not thousands) of skull designs.

Photo by LeftBrainRightBrain.
Photo by LeftBrainRightBrain.

Lots of decor in the kitchen can also be functional, like these magnets. Small details can turn even a bland beige rental kitchen into goth gorgeousness.

Photo by Plasticland.
Photo by Plasticland.

This skull box can house rubber bands, tea bags, bouillon cubes, candy, etc. Or take the lid off (no hinges!) and use it to store wooden spoons and whisks.


I left my favourite for last. Here’s my Crystal Head Vodka bottle on my bar. It looks damn cool, and when it’s empty I can refill it with other (cheaper!) vodka. Or I could use it to infuse oil, make vanilla sugar, or just display in my kitchen.

Got any links to macabre tools or decor for the kitchen? Share ’em!

Comments on Mmmacabre: Skulls in the Kitchen

  1. Not exactly skull but I got these beautiful heavy metal skeleton hand salad servers around Halloween. Eveyrone should have them.

    • I have those! Got them right after halloween on a super sale…of course we use them year round (because who the hell has special ‘halloween only’ salad tongs???).

  2. Have a few of these and ditto on @MrsGrievious’ review of the oven mitt. Used it once under a warmed bowl of soup, lesson learned and now it’s just decoration. Don’t have those specific wine corks, but similar, and find the cork always ends up detached from the metal part. But the metal part is usually spiked in the cork which makes it great for re-spiking/jazzing up other things like a wooden paper towel holder or something.

    Moving into a new place next month, and have to keep our apartment ‘clean’ for prospective renters. Wasn’t so much about the cleanliness rather than not scaring them away and so began a mission to de-goth our apartment. Did not realize how many skulls are in our kitchen! Got so used to them, it’s become a Where’s Waldo to find and hide the salt and pepper shakers, the oven mitt, about 20 magnets, the mugs… then I realized the giant skull cookie jar-turned-spatula holder from Target Halloween clearance was sitting there staring at me for hours.

    • I have the skull cookie jar as well! He has a different hat for every holiday. Very festive!

  3. I gotmsome gorgeous and very bright, Day of the Dead skull paintings off etsy. I picked blue , green and red, they are hanging in my kitchen right now.! Skull kitchens Unite!

  4. Not going to lie, the Bone Collector stuff made up a huge part of my wedding registry. And every year I save up to go wild on Target’s fantastic selection of Halloweenies. Last year I found a lovely skull soap dispenser that coordinates perfectly with my kitchen skulls!

  5. You guys HAVE to check out this pottery I discovered at a craft show in Florida. I want all of their pieces!! They have tons of skull and skeleton pottery, as well as mermaid inspired stuff. I wish they had an online store!

  6. I don’t think of skulls as macabre. I have so many of these items in my house (skeleton salad tongs, sugar skull apron, skull scrub brush, skull mugs etc). I just love skulls.

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