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My favorite things

We like raindrops on roses too, but sometimes we get materialistic. Sometimes it’s just about writing odes to our favorite stuff.

Make cheap art with sheet music

My husband and I were looking for antique nightstands when we came across our first piece of vintage sheet music. I had to have it… but the shop wanted $8 for what amounted to two sheets of paper.

3 unexpected books about homemaking

Pick up one of these books next time you need inspiration for your own home.

Pervertible: my exercise equipment’s sexy secret use

Oh lord, I hope my father never reads this post, or else he’ll find out that he gave my husband one of our favorite “marital aids” without even knowing it.

This stolen plastic grocery basket may be the most useful thing I own

When we moved into a dilapidated artist loft in 1999, one of our new neighbors swung by with a housewarming gift: a stolen plastic grocery basket. It has become one of my most prized possessions.

The cunnilingus chair

A while back, I celebrated the 10 year anniversary of my relationship with my favorite armchair. Come with me as I recount our many wonderful years together.