Where can I find more subversive and offbeat stickers for scrapbooking?

"I’m starting to get into scrapbooking, and am wondering if there is any place or website that has offbeat stickers and designs? Some of the stickers sold for scrapbooking are too sweet for my taste." Great question! If you've been searching "scrapbook stickers" and only seeing happy-sappy and precious ones, that's no surprise. There are a lot of cooler and more offbeat stickers out there, you just have to dig a little outside of the scrapbook market. Here are are some of my favorite sites to find more unique, subversive, and offbeat stickers to illustrate your adventures…


This new Ikea wellness collection aims to inspire major relaxation

This new Ikea wellness limited edition collection, HJÄRTELIG, claims to combine chic style with self care and relaxation-inspired design.

The collection includes scented candles, throws and cushions, bedside tables and headboards, a yoga kit, and my favorite, a sheer bed canopy, all made from more sustainable cotton, rattan, linen, cork, and even solid pine (a departure from some of their particle board materials).

Always looking SHARP: cactus accessories for your home and your bod

Some things are just HOT right now: alpacas, festival gear, desert stuff… but one thing that makes me happy is the endurance of the cactus and succulent trend. Please stay forever, my prickly and green lovelies. Aloe you very much. You're always looking sharp. I'm ready to stop being a cact-I and start being a cact-US. Many apologies for all those puns.

Let's take a look at some of the most adorable cactus accessories for wearing and decoration no matter what season it is…


This historical Dutch spooky house for sale is straight out of our haunted dreams

There is a six bedroom home in the Netherlands that reader Noor called out to me recently that BLEW MY MIND. It's the spooky house of my dreams. Located in Huissenn Netherlands is priced at €350,000 ($431,207 or £305,699) and is chock full of historical details and is dubbed "Het Spookhuis" (The haunted house!). They even mention ghost stories in the listing. Just wait until you see the old timey bar, creepy attic, halls full of caskets(!), and mini theater covered in newsprint wallpaper. It's spectacular…

Your just-in-case emergency supplies list (without getting too post-apocalyptic about it)

The world is pretty rough for some of us with natural disasters, flooding, hurricanes, and the incoming zombie apocalypse. Strike that last one. It's worrisome in certain areas (and we know that even U.S. citizens don't always get the help they need in their own country), and it never hurts to be prepared. But you don't have to get all paranoid survivalist about it. Just a few extra supplies on hand can give you a little peace of mind.

I scoured the CDC website to see what they recommend for emergency supplies to have on hand. Here are the most important…