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Nitty Gritty

This is our category dedicated to the hard topics of occupancy – the realities of having a home. Nitty gritties might involve moving, dealing with appliances, handling passive aggressive landlord notes, or choosing a utility company.

House-buying: Inform your gut instinct

Last year my partner and I closed on our very first home. But wait… we only looked at one house during our search. Are we crazy?

An essential first aid kit for accidental parties

You’ll know you need a first aid kit when you see what Arlette’s got in hers.

I had no clue when I bought a house at 22: learn from my mistakes

My dad worked out a deal so I could buy his rental property at a ridiculously low rate — I thought I was golden.

No such luck. Read along and learn from my mistakes. (What do you MEAN, I have to pay property tax?!)

How I lost my battle to remove rats humanely and became a rodent murderess

A veterinary clinic is full of people who don’t want to kill animals, but when it became clear we weren’t deterring the rats, we had to step up our game.

Horrific discoveries: oh, so THAT’S what’s in air freshener

Alternate title: “Your Home Can Smell Acceptable without Glade products?!