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Be ruthless: how to move the army brat way

I was a military brat from the age of six, and I eventually joined the Air Force. I’ve moved eighteen times that I can remember, and I know I missed one or two that happened before my conscious memories start. Suffice it to say, I’ve learned a thing or two about packing up one’s entire life and hauling it off somewhere.

We want to move into an up-and-coming neighborhood, but our family’s putting us off!

I need to convince my family that living downtown doesn’t mean raising our kids in a crack den!

10 tips on moving to a new country and being happy there

You know how most of the time people write tip lists it’s like nine things that are so obvious anyone could write the list, and then one maybe-useful idea? Katie’s list of ways to ease international moves is not that type of list. It’s like years of experience compacted down for the newbie.

Five things you can do the day after you move in to help your home feel like YOURS

You’re a few blocks from your old place, or you’re on the other side of the planet. Even the smoothest of moves is stressful, but what can you do as soon as you move to make your space homier?