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Keeping spaces nice and clean.

Housekeeping realization: put your toiletries in baskets to keep your bathroom organized

My housemate Darby and I — we’re very similar — seem to be constantly figuring out really simple things, like what people use baskets for. Sometimes we feel like our brains just don’t work, especially when it comes to putting things away. If that makes sense to you, this is the thread in which to share the incredibly dumb things you’re incredibly proud of having figured out.

Homemaking for Gamers: Playing well with others and preventing gaming goods sprawl

My husband and I believe a healthy adulthood includes creative play. However, we have interests other than gaming and prefer miniature dragons do not overrun our home.

What’s the least water-intensive way to hand-wash my dishes?

How do you conserve water in your houses/apartments? Specifically, I’m most interested in the eco-friendliest, most water conservation-minded way to wash dishes without a dishwasher?

A mini experiment answers once and for all: is my high efficiency washer compatible with homemade detergent?

It seems that one of the biggest questions regarding DIY laundry soap is: Can I use it in my HE washer? Lots of people say they use it in their HE washers, and it works wonderfully.

But is anecdotal evidence good enough for this pseudo-scientist?

How do I cut paper towels out of my kitchen habits?

We took the dive into a CSA, and it is so fun. However, this influx of new produce has us racing through paper towels — lots of items call for wrapping in damp paper towels for storage.

We’ve started talking about cutting disposables out — but it seems daunting to lose such a convenient product! How do I get started?

Help me, Homies: My slovenly roommates attract bugs which I’m powerless to stop

Some of my roommates have been, let’s say, not so good with cleaning sometimes. So the bugs came. We rarely see them during the day, but they’re EVERYWHERE at night. Turning on the light, I usually have to stifle my instinctive scream. HELP. ME.

So you think you ought to clean today: A systematic approach, part II

Part II of Allison’s systematic approach to cleaning. Today we’re talking about the actual nitty gritty like how to get started, and more importantly, how to stay motivated.

So you think you ought to clean today: A systematic approach, part I

I am not a “naturally” clean person. I didn’t grow up expected to do a lot of chores, and definitely not on a schedule. I taught myself, as an adult, how to be neat and how to clean, and I learned that I liked my house better when it was clean.