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Check out this custom-built time capsule home for sale with a bowling alley and “open concept” bathroom

Welcome back to “Megan’s Vintage Real Estate Gems!” Today I have found a doozy in the hills of Diamond Bar, California. This one includes glorious vintage wallpaper, epic fireplace, a bowling alley, a library, a wine cellar, and an “open concept” bathroom in the primary bedroom. Oh yes… I said “open concept” bathroom. Just wait and see…

This 1970s time capsule home will strain your eyes in the best way

“Totally untouched ’70s condo for sale! Amazing, no?! YES. Ahem. Sorry, got a bit excited.” Dude, do NOT EVER say sorry for finding me an amazing time capsule home. Are you guys ready to get your groove on? Whether you hate this or love this, it’s definitely going to have an impact on your day…

Time capsule dance off: Can you beat this 1989 Vanilla Ice cassette tape jam?

We, at the Empire, think you really need to see this amazing video that my little brother found in his own archives… The year: 1989. Joey is all amped up on Christmas and sick beats, thoroughly enjoying his new Vanilla Ice cassette tape, and showing off his sweet, sweet moves (check out my drive-by cameo on rollerblades).

I want to have an affair with these Mad Men-style time capsule homes

Homie and guest-poster Julie F sent me an email that just said “OH MY GODZZZZZ” with a link to these Mad Men-style time capsule homes. I thought I’d ignore everyone who said they hate real estate posts, and cater to my fellow real estate boner-having Homies.

The most ’80s room of all time (time after time)

Hold the phone! (The landline kind — you know, the one that’s wall-mounted and has one of those extra long cords?) I found THEE MOST ’80s ROOM OF ALL TIME. This room looks like it should be a set of an (early era MTV) music video. Or maybe a set piece from Earth Girls Are Easy. It shocked me to my core and then rocked me all night long, because it was so unexpected!

Disney + retro-futuristic decor meet in this time warp of a Dallas home

This amazing vintage-style piece of time capsule real estate is currently for sale in Dallas, Texas. And it has a special Disney twist!

I’ll let the real estate listing fill you in on this fascinating retro Disney house…

Throw this Doctor Who wibbly wobbly timey changey party

My birthday party always falls on the same weekend as the time change, so I thought it would be fun to host a time-travel party. My guests were asked to dress as someone from their favorite era (early 21st century attire was totally fine) or as their favorite Doctor Who Character. I dressed like a Dalek.

Here’s how I threw an awesome Doctor Who-themed birthday party with Whovian decor, favors, and food!

This mid-century modern lake house in Baltimore is ready for a swanky cocktail party

Another week, another Homie finds a fabulous time capsule home and immediately thinks, “Megan, this looks right up your time-capsule home tour alley.” Thank you, Becky. It does, and it is. And I MUST NEEDS SHARE IT WITH YOU!

This time it’s this 1947 lake house in Baltimore…