How to make an awesome custom piñata

The fella and I decided we wanted to have an Awesome Wedding Piñata. Sadly, the options at the party store did nothing for either of us, and the usual "Coat a balloon in papier-mache!" method didn't seem likely to render a suitably Awesome result.

So I mashed together a few different online tutorials, and I now share the magic! 13 steps of magic!

Kiwicrate: cool kid crafts and activities delivered directly to your door

When I first heard about our sponsor Kiwicrate, I was all "Why do I need someone else to send craft supplies to my house? I CAN DO THIS MYSELF." And then… I looked around at our "craft and activity area," aka a small corner of our kitchen that's overflowing with stuff we rarely use. This is where Kiwicrate steps in and showers you with its brilliance: you sign up for their monthly or annual service, and they start sending amazing and inspired age-appropriate activities right to your front door.

DIY idea: make a mini biography for the baby in your life

The favorite little person in my life (not mine, but a friend's) is turning one soon, and I really struggled with figuring out what to get a one-year-old. When it comes to gifting for people, I generally want my gift to be purposeful, pleasing, and personal.


Level up: How to spraypaint well

You have to practice spray painting. This came as a surprise to me, my sophomore year of college, my first year of art school, when I was trying to spray paint my Piet Mondrian-inspired birdhouse for Intro to 3D Design on the sidewalk outside my dorm during a very cold March. I guess I thought spray paint was magic — that it automated the process of painting — but I found out that wasn't true, and that I didn't know how to use spray paint at all.

Many projects later, I am a master spraypainter. I paint coatracks and shoes and art work and bones, and I really think this is one of the most valuable DIY skills I have. Being able to finish up a spray paint job with no drips or ripples can make the difference between a ruined project and one I LOVE. Having a good grasp of this skill means anything in my house can be ANY EFFING COLOR I WANT.

Let me teach you the right way to use a can of spray paint.