What do I do with all my old bras?

I'm going to need a new wardrobe and I'm sure I'll be dropping off a lot of stuff at charity shops. But… can I do that with bras? Would you buy a second hand booby wrangler? What do you do with bras that are okay, but just don't fit you anymore?


Pinkwashing: I'm grossed out by the commercialization of breast cancer, but I want to support my recently-diagnosed mother!

I have always been ethically opposed to the commericialization of breast cancer. But now my mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer and I find more and more well-meaning people asking me about pink ribbon campaigns or breast cancer runs/walks etc, or trying to show their support by buying into these campaigns. How do I acknowledge their support without encouraging these activities to which I feel ethically opposed and without sounding like I'm preaching or am just a sour bitch?


Help! My bedroom is overrun by bras

Underwear easily rolls/folds and fits into the drawers I have. But I can't figure out how to economically stuff 20 or more bras into a drawer and make them accessible. I can't be the only bra hoarder. What do you do with clothes (but seriously bras!) when you don't have a lot of closet space or existing furniture?


Ditching the boulder holders: 36D and bra-less for two years

I had always just accepted that bras were a necessary part of life, having had my mother tell me repeatedly that if I didn't wear them, my boobs would sag, and… Wait, no, that was pretty much the main reason. So I got to thinking, and then, after asking myself this all important question, I got to reading. The more I read, the less there seemed to be any kind of information supporting the idea that wearing a bra would prevent one's breasts from sagging, or indeed have any kind of benefit.


6 erotic NSFW artworks that might make you rethink your "no boobs in the foyer" rule

I'd totally put a nude painting in my living room — no hesitation. When it goes beyond the nude, though, I'm not so brave. When art gets erotic, I'm a total whitebread Midwestern girl: I appreciate sex, but I keep it on the downlow.

My personal hangups aside, I totally dig explicit art at home. It can be inspiring and fun — and really good! I rounded up a few prints you can buy, if your home could be a little more overtly sexual. Oh, and before we go any further, you should know this post is NOT safe for work!