An emergency c-section birth story: preparing for the unexpected

My son Max was born on September 18, 2012 with several other first-born baby boys. According to the nurses, the days leading up to severe thunder storms tend to bring in lots of first-time births where the expectant mom's water breaks. The day before, I had decided to work late in order to finish as much as I could, just in case baby came early.

My partner won't be at our son's birth: dealing with birthing almost alone

Due to circumstances beyond both of our control — a move, a job change for me, and my partner's desire to really try the job it took him over a year to find — it looks like I'm going to be having this baby alone. There'll be doctors and nurses and maybe a doula, sure, but I always thought my partner would be there with me. And while it's possible that he may make it for the birth, it's entirely possible that he will miss it.

Birthing Without: a birth plan for the plan-adverse

It's taken me a while to come up with a birth plan. I'm a daydreamy librarian (INFJ, Pisces, Type B — you get the picture), more at home reading a bunch of parenting and childbirth literature than actually putting any of it into practice. But since I had my first child almost five years ago, I think it's about time I came up with something.


Why I threw out my birth plan

Long before we made that 'end-of-the-first-trimester-safe-zone' announcement, I set out to arm myself with information. I bought twenty or so different books, ranging topically from c-sections to homebirths, joined every pregnancy website I could find, pored over every birth story I could get my greedy little hands on, and began deciding just how things would go this time around…