Stoner vs Smartphoner: Examining compulsions and finding they're not what you'd think

The year after my divorce, I dated a guy who was completely sober. It wasn't really an issue for me, since I'm barely a social drinker, and my inebriation of choice is smoking a little pot a couple of times a week. But this guy was concerned. After a couple of months, he asked me straight out: had I ever considered that I might have a substance abuse issue with marijuana?


How to ditch your lip balm habit in 5 steps

I used to have a serious lip balm habit. I had to have lip balm in my purse at all times. I also had a couple of sticks around my apartment, and I would have a minor panic attack if there wasn't a Chapstick in arm's reach. For someone like me whose lip "dryness" doesn't arise from any actual medical condition or symptom, I realized lip balm was unnecessary. Here are some recommendations for cutting out lip balm, and simplifying this one tiny aspect of life…