Curbing the “it's out of my budget!” kneejerk reaction

Guestpost by Dootsie Bug on Jan 7th

Different people react differently to things they find that are out of their budget, and that reaction tends to intensify the further something steps out of a possible price range.

Some people get a sad. Some people shrug. Some people lament. Some people have a straight up OMG freak out moment, wherein they can't believe anyone would ever spend that much money ever on anything, ever.

It's normal to have a little sticker shock now and then, but it's so easy to go from "eek!" thoughts to feeling completely awful for hours or accidentally contributing to someone else's feel-bad pile-on.

You can't stop yourself from your immediate internal reaction, but you definitely have control over what you do afterward. Here are some coping tips for the "it's out of my budget!" freakout…

Put it into perspective:
This is out of your budget. But not everyone has your budget. What's "holy crap expensive" to you is a fair and reasonable price to someone else.

Consider why the price is what it is:
Something that's one-of-a-kind, artisan made or carefully crafted from luxury materials is obviously going to be higher in price than something that's mass manufactured from inexpensive goods. Take a second to appreciate the work that went into what you're seeing.

Treat it as an art object:
If it's truly unattainable to you, you may as well get some use out of it! Examine its beauty closely. Enjoy looking at it. Be glad that something like it can even exist!

Learn from what you like:
If you find yourself coveting the object, take a second to consider what you can take away from it. Find an element of it that you can incorporate somehow into your own décor or style.

Do not dwell:
If you find yourself having lots of feels about an item and its price, try to shake it off. Take some time to count your gratitudes and spend a little time with the wealth you have. Take time out to focus on yourself, your life and ways you're making your corner of the world a better place.

But when to kvetch?:
There are some things that are meant to be talked about. Sundaes with gold leaf, multi-million dollar homes, jewel-encrusted pens. If it's intentionally created to make your eyes pop out of your head, it's okay to say "Holy wut!" Just keep the conversation moving forward rather than ruminating on how far out of reach this is for you.

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