Recycle your wedding decor into holiday decorations

Guestpost by Morgan Culture on Dec 20th

This post is part of our on-going repurposed wedding decor series.

All photos courtesy of Morgan Culture.

All photos courtesy of Morgan Culture.

Remember this awesome widely-circulated Pinterest image? I loved it and we made some similar lights for our wedding in our color, lime green. We had a "wedding stuffmaking" party where some people tore fabric, some tied it to lights, some helped with the invitations, and so on. The lights were BEAUTIFUL.

Now it's the holidays, and we celebrate Christmas. I was sad at the thought of taking apart our beautiful light strands to turn back into icicle lights (plus, it sounded like a lot of work), so I decided since they were green I'd use them for our holiday lights anyhow!

IMAG1136_resizedI simply added some red bows for the outside decorations.

IMAG1125_resized-478x800I added red ornaments and our stockings (and puppy stockings) to the indoor ones.

We've gotten TONS of compliments from the neighbors already… and little do they know that these lights, which we'll likely use for many holiday seasons to come, were part of our wedding decor! Save money, recycle, WIN!

We'd LOVE to see more of your repurposed wedding decor, that means we need YOU to submit 'em to us!