Relationship hack: remind each other you're still in love even during fights

By on Nov 9th

Aaron and me, demonstrating mad faces and tongue sticking outs.

When that guy I married and I get into fights we decided long ago to not forget that we love each other, even when we feel like killing each other. So we made a deal and came up with a little sign we could give each other that says "I'm mad at you, but don't forget I still love you." Here's what we do…

At some point during a fight, one of us will inevitably stick our tongue out at the other one, and then the other responds in kind. If it's a small fight, sometimes that's all we need to break it up, pull some levity into the situation, and (ironically) remind us to act like adults. If it's a big fight, it may not end it, but it definitely works to defuse heated arguing.

Because, it's seriously hard to continue feeling rage-y at your partner, or your roommate, or your sibling, when they use your secret symbol for "I love you" even when they're mad at you.

Anyone else with me on this? What's YOUR super secret "I love you even if I'm mad" sign?

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