Store your tips in these sweet-ass tip jars

By on Oct 19th

Like this… but less obvious and more exciting.

I recently started a job at a coffee shop where the tips are divided weekly between the employees. My husband and I want to collect all my tips in a jar to be used for going out to eat, ordering pizza when we are feeling lazy, or anything else that might not quite fit into our budgeting.

I want to have a tip jar on the main floor of our home, so it is easy to both drop my tips in right when I walk in the door, and get cash out when we are being spontaneous. I want something decorative, but not see-through since our main floor is all windows (showing a giant jar of cash to the neighborhood just doesn't seem like a good idea). I know my Offbeat Homies will have great ideas!

Absolutely we do! Besides going literal and using an opaque tip jar, like the one pictured above — I'm thinking of using things like vases, cookie jars, various kitchen containers. I even threw in a treasure chest, because… how could I not!?

Check these out…

Kitchen canisters

The Kind Kitchen Canister in TallI have this canister in the smaller version and I love it. Hopefully you get enough tips to fill up the tall version of The Kind Kitchen Canister.

Here are awesome rustic three-piece canisters.

You just had to know that we were going to suggest one of these vice canisters, right?

Coffee cans

Contain Your Excitement Coffee CanisterOf course it doesn't hurt to get a pretty, kitschy coffee canister like this one.

Or use these vintage-style sugar, flour, coffee, and tea canisters.


Crushing on Your Style Vase in Petite BlueUse a funky vase like the Crushing on Your Style vase in blue.

Sweater Yet VaseThe sweater vase is all kinds of awesome! I think this looks more like a container than a vase anyway.

Decorative boxes

Junk in the Trunk Desk ContainerI heart this tree trunk container so hard.

Cookie jars

Cookie jars don't have to look like cookie jars, like this one that looks more like a decorative element.

Doctor Who TARDIS Talking Cookie JarOr you can get stilly and dorky with it, like with the Offbeat Empire's favorite Tardis cookie jar.

Treasure chests, of course

Can you really pass up an opportunity to store you cash in a treasure chest?

What other suggestions do YOU guys have for opaque and alternative tip jars?

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