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Fallout video game-inspired home decor

Guestpost by Julie F. on Oct 25th

Items from the board: Radio, ammo box, banker's lamp, space-age poster, bobblehead, Persian rug, coffee table, Coca-Cola poster, armchair, couch.

There's one thing in the decoration department that I love to do more than decorating on my own place: decorating my video game character housing. Spend hours playing to get that rare (and virtual!) piece of furniture to complement my decor? Check. Gather piles of in-game money to purchase this particular house in the next village? Oh yes!

So what happens when two obsessions collides? This happens: An inspiration board from a pretty awesome video game — Fallout 3-Tenpenny Towers.

If you're inspired in real life by my video game home decor, here's where you can find these items:

Lamp: Ledu traditional bankers lamp.

Retro poster: Retroplanet's Space Camping Poster

To all my fellow geeky gamers out there, what was your favourite video game character housing? And why?

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