Science-y, Steampunk-y cold drip coffee and tea maker

By on Oct 18th

Y'all, I love me some coffee, and my husband STILL laughing over when I got my coffee maker for Christmas and I HUGGED THE BOX. But it takes one dedicated-ass coffee snob to purchase THIS steampunk-y cold drip coffee and tea maker.

If you're confused yet fascinated about this contraption, like I am, here's the description on how it works:

Ice and water are placed in the top jar, and by regulating the dripping water through the valve in the center, coffee is steeped and ends up in the carafe at the bottom of the tower. Through a unique three hour process using pure ice water, ice drip coffee produces a unique flavor not found in regular brewed coffee. It's easy to use. Just put the water and coffee grounds into the brewer and you are ready to go. … By slowly brewing your coffee with ice water, the harsher oils in your ground coffee are not brought out. The final brew is a lot mellower than a regular brew machine.

Oh yeah, and it's $220! Okay coffee snobbies, here are my questions…

What the hell am I looking at here? Do you have one of these? Would you pay $220 for one of these? Does one of these make your coffee experience that much better? Should I get one these? Would you buy this just because it looks like steampunk awesomeness that ALSO makes you a cuppa'? Because, even though it confuses me… I kind of want it!

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