Food I think I would like to eat: spaghetti ice cream

By on Jul 10th
Spaghetti Eis

Photo by Helen ST.

If you saw that and thought, "Mmm, dinner time!" let me tell you this: it's not for dinner, but you could definitely indulge in it for dessert! According to Click Clack Gorilla what you see above is SPAGHETTI ICE CREAM. I'm sure you're wondering: where do I get some of my own?!

The answer? Germany:

Have you ever hunkered down over a plate of spaghetti and thought to yourself "you know, this would be better if it was made of ice cream!" No? Yeah, me neither. That's the stuff I expect from the Willy Wonkas of the world. And apparently Dario Fontanella is an honorary Wonka because, though lacking in the department of chocolate rivers, Oompa Loompas, and candy landscapes, he asked and answered this very question in Germany in 1969. The result was spaghetti ice cream (Spaghettieis), the most delightful and whimsical ice cream creation I have had the pleasure of guzzling with abandon.

Click over for more info about this strange yet delightful dessert.

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