5 reasons why I really, really, REALLY love my springless mattress

By on Jun 4th

I love it! So does my kid! And my dog!

My husband and I have slept on springless mattresses the entire time we've known each other — so we're coming up on six years of no-springs-in-our-bed glory. It's been so heavenly, and so long since I've been on a bed with springs for more than one night in a row, that I forget just how uncomfortable they can be.

We recently downsized our bed (living in a small space with a kid will do that to ya) and purchased this amazing little wonder for $188 — shipping included. Besides being super inexpensive, I have four more reasons why a springless mattress can rock your world:

They're not super bulky

Our mattress came in a relatively tiny box (compared to some that I've seen), and it's six inches thick. NOW WAIT: I'm sure some of you are all "WHAAAAAAAT? I need a mountain of clouds to sleep on!" Let me assure you: this is what I said to my husband when we first talked about getting a new bed. I NEED CLOUDS FOR MY SLEEP! But he convinced me otherwise, and once we began our springless sleeping adventure I soon realized he's totally right.

They shape themselves around you in no time

[related-post align="right"]My favorite feature of springless mattresses is that the top will shape itself around your body shape. I'm a bit of a tosser and turner, so I thought this wouldn't work for me — but it does. After a week or two of sleeping in them, our mattresses have always shaped themselves around us. I can't completely describe what it's like to sleep in a bed that is formed around your body until you've done it, so I'll just say: it's awesome.

They don't drive you crazy with weird pressure points

There is NEVER an uncomfortable spot on a springless mattress! No random coil that's kind of digging into your hip or the back of your knee — it's a smooth surface that makes for smooth sleep. Granted, there are some amazing coil mattresses that prevent this, but they're also pretty expensive. If you're on a budget (or have serious back pain) and looking for a mattress that will make your bed a nice play to be, springless may be the way to go.

They won't aggravate your allergies

Most springless mattresses are hypoallergenic. My husband has asthma and is allergic to dust (lucky guy!), so it's imperative that he sleeps in a bed that doesn't trap dust mites and other various allergens.

Like I said: they can be pretty cheap

Expensive options always exist, but the brand of mattress we bought (Parklane) starts at $160 for a Twin and runs up to $201 for a Queen. The last time I checked, those prices were stellar.

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