I just found out Luke Skywalker's Tatooine home is actually a real-life hotel and now I need to go there

By on Jun 28th
Hotel Sidi Driss - Skywalker's childhood home

Photo by Scott Roberts.

I'm not sure where I've been for my entire life but I only recently discovered that Luke Skywalker's home on Tatooine is actually a real life hotel that you can stay at for $10 a NIGHT. TEN DOLLARS A NIGHT to run wild in Luke's old stomping grounds and pretend you're looking for Sand people and Jawas, guys! Of course… you have to get to the village of Matmâta in Tunisia first, but what's a little thing like airfare?

According to Atlas Obscura the settlement dates back to sometime between 264 and 146 BC, and the region was almost totally unknown until 1967. George Lucas strolled through ten years later which brought a certain degree of attention to the hotel, until everyone kind of forgot about it. In 1995 Philip Vanni restored one of the rooms, and Star Wars came back (complete with their decorations) to film parts of Attack of the Clones there.

All of this basically translates to: HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS.


Photo by Neil Rickards.

TripAdvisor offers up mixed reviews, but this one from September 2011 is telling:

The accommodations at the Hôtel Sidi Driss are basically just caves that have been dug out from the ground and then plastered and painted over in white. The overall look is actually pretty chic and reminiscent of the Hôtel Ksar Hedada, a property that at one time had also featured interiors full of groovy alcoves and built-in furniture, yet had not been quite fully realized to its fullest potential.

Wooden doors that are secured by simple chains and padlocks are just some of the innate drawbacks at the Hôtel Sidi Driss. Amenities are scare at best with communal bathrooms and showers your only option! (Have no fear, while the contents of the toilets no doubt head downward, the bathrooms feature "natural" ventilation shafts which reach upward to the ground level above.) Aside from the oddly placed "Popeye" and "Olive Oyl" welcome mat, the funniest thing about our room was the official tariff sheet attached to the door, something we never would have expected to see out here in this remote underground location.

Most recently Star Wars fan Matt Cox (who also got married at the site) has taken on the task of restoring the hotel to its A New Hope glory — meaning it'll soon be refurbished, fabulous, and (I hope) all ready for a new wave of Star Wars enthusiast tourism.

And AGAIN: only $10 to sleep where various Star Warsians once stood? I'll take it.

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