Low-sew curtains: 50 minutes of work for a showy result

Guestpost by Ashley Anne on May 3rd

I had a length of freshly washed fabric folded up and hung over the railing in the dining room for well over a month. I'd picked it up at the fabric shop directly after reading a how-to for making my own no-sew curtains out of burlap.

Now, I'm not much into burlap, but I was certain I could replicate this style with something a little more my speed. So I purchased some fabric I liked and did a quick sketch to set myself in the right direction (a direction I like to call, "A Hair Short of Winging It").

Sorry the directions go from the bottom up, by the way. I guess that's just how my brain works

Anyway, so after doing that quick sketch, I ironed the fabric out a bit and then also ironed some creases at the hems (thus making the whole sewing portion of the job much easier).

Next, I sewed my hems, turned the whole thing inside out and sewed it into a tube shape, then finished it off by sewing a rod pocket about two inches wide right along the tube-making seam (so I could kind of "hide" it in the pocket). I'm not going to bother showing you pictures of this stuff because: A) it makes for a really boring picture, B) it's pretty self-explanatory as far as sewing projects go, and C) if you have any questions about it, I'd love to answer them in the comments!

The next part was seriously the most time-intensive portion– hanging the curtain and getting it to "gather up" right.

After a lot of fussing around with the folds and the length of the ribbon (which is just looped and around and tied in the back, by the way), I finally ended up with something a little cuter.

Ta-daaaah! Okay, okay, so it wasn't the most difficult sewing project ever, but not bad for an hour's worth of work, huh?

Homies, how would you tweak this project for your own devious purposes?

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