Jack-o-lanterns last longer with one additional item from the drugstore

By on Oct 11th

Halloween rocks, but it can be hard to find time to do anything around the house when you have limited time and money. This month, I'm posting several Halloween Hacks — really simple ideas to stretch your Halloween dollars and make the season spookier for all.

Today: Jack-o-lantern preservation

Ah, the fleeting pride of a rocking jack-o-lantern. Carved ever so carefully, but destined to start molding within days.

So, most people have heard of some of the preventative measures available for pumpkins. You can even buy Pumpkin Fresh, a spray made solely for the purpose of keeping your lantern lookin' good.

Here's my favorite trick: Wipe a thin layer of Vaseline along each pumpkin's wounds — in the cuts and all around the scraped-clean inside. This'll provide a barrier between molds and the pumpkin, and keep the gourd from drying out.

Good luck.

If you have additional ideas, pop 'em in the comments!

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