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Stock your home office with cute-mazing office supplies and gadgets

By on May 26th

Though it slipped into the ether of my Gmail account/organizational device, I swear we received an email a few weeks ago asking after wares to weird up an office. At least in my little world, most of my friends have home offices, and I have my own nook for painting, blogging, accounting, planning, and spying on the neighbors. If you're looking for fun supplies for your home office, look no further. We made a list of office supplies and decorations that aren't so mainstream.

Organization and productivity tools

Keeping track of tasks is especially important when you work solo. I chat with Ariel and we send emails all week, but outside of that I've got to keep track of my own damn to dos. You too? Start with a fantastic chalkboard vinyl decal perpetual calendar:


The number one thing I want for my desk is this adorbz hedgehog colored pencil holder.

Hedgehog Pencil Sharpener Holder

Got a bulletin board to manage your lists, inspiration and top-of-mind paperwork? Normal push pins are laaaame — get offbeat with ninja star push pins or medieval weapons push pins:


weapon push pins

OMG check out this adorable panda computer mouse:

panda mouse

A: this is a cute clock. B: if you, like me, don't do so well with numbers, this is kind of ideal.

Karlsson Wall Clock

And tame your cable jungle with Kikkerland's cable robot organizer — also available in monkey and crocodile flavors.

There are seven computers in our home, plus a PS3, and a printer which can print from a thumb drive. I've gots to get me a new one — and I want one of these blind boxed Blotz drives. They come loaded with sound bytes and wallpapers! KAWAIIIII!

HOT! Red analogue phone (it also comes in chrome and black):

red retro phone

I'm SO in need of an iPhone holder, and these plush Kawaii cell phone holders are too, too awesome.

plush cell phone holders

Got to also love the tulip USB hub. What? I'm a sucker for tools cleverly disguised to look like other, more attractive things.

tulip usb hub

Got crumbs? Eraser nubbins? Dirt? Get a desktop animal vacuum to make tidying up more fun.

Animal Mini Tabletop Vacuum

Distractions: enablers and minimizers

I firmly believe some distraction is necessary in the work day. It keeps one's mind fresh and can lead to interesting inspirational leaps — you just have to keep "too much" and "too little" stimulation in balance.

I have a cat. She's a great cat. She keeps me company all day, and without her in the house I'd probably skip work and just start writing Days of Our Lives fanfiction. But sometimes she needs a little too much attention. If you, too, have periods where your cat disrupts your productivity, how about the Frolicat magnetic toy to keep yours entertained for a bit of a break?

Let your mind drift when you pretty up your desk with a Magic Garden set — mix the ingredients together, assemble your scene and grow an idyllic mountain on the desktop.
magic garden

Got neighbors to spy on? I've got a duplex on one side of the house, a school to the north, lesbians to the west, and an octogenarian to the south. Someone has to keep up with neighborhood happenings. Use a cute telescope to get the job done.

Look and Sea Telescope Set from ModCloth

Offbeat office decor

Have you seen these lenticular horror portraits? They usually pop up around Halloween, but they could be interesting in an office, too. Maybe not one you host clients in — unless you are in the gothic decor industry.

Brighten up the place with an 8-bit Flower Bouquet.

8bit bouquet

A friend, knowing my penchant for anthropomorphizing inanimate objects, gave me these Inanimate Object Stickers a few years ago. See? Angry turpentine jar is angry:

Use these products to spruce up your work day. When your office looks good, even the banal accounting tasks are more fun.

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