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Has becoming a parent made you more empathetic or more judgmental of other parents?

I don’t have kids yet, but I’ve always wondered if being a parent creates a bond or sense of camaraderie with other parents. If you see a kid wildly misbehaving in public do you react — or do you take a “been there” kind of stance?

How can we deal with middle school meltdowns?

My oldest child, 12 years old, is in his first year of middle school. Without warning, we have hit an academic brick wall. My once mostly straight A student is now failing half his classes. He’s bombing tests and not turning in work. While I have done my absolute best to keep in contact with his teachers and have talked with him repeatedly about the importance of good grades and writing things down, I feel like I have led my little horse to water but he’s refusing to drink.

FINALLY: scientists have decided tantrums are worth studying

Annie recently shared an NPR article called What’s Behind A Temper Tantrum? Scientists Deconstruct The Screams. The title immediately caught my eye, as I’m always on the lookout for anything that will help us cope with our son’s tantrums.

The gift of tantrums

Monica gives you an alternate way to think of and cope with those crazy little tantrums toddlers are so fond of throwing.