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8 ideas for the bounty of mangoes this spring in Australia

As America picks over Thanksgiving leftovers and gears up for Christmas, I’m loving summer here in Australia, because summer = mango season. My partner Andy and I are mango-obsessed, so I was not terribly unhappy to leave the US in the end of October, saying goodbye to its snow. Especially because it meant coming home to a box full of mangoes.

Let’s scheme about low-impact balcony decor for spring

For those of us apartment/condo dwellers in the Northern Hemiphere, it is NOT hanging out on the balcony season — but it IS balcony decor scheming season. Our balcony spent most of last summer in a state of crapped-out dormancy, but I vowed that next year will be different… so the scheming has already begun.

Don’t waste your weed: make dandelion wine

Dandelions are so much more than a lawn pest. They’re used in all kinds of folk remedies and herbal medicine. The leaves are edible. And the petals can be made into wine!

Forage for your food: 3 plants you can eat tonight

Spring is springing, plants have sprouted, and I bet $10 you can find enough edible greens for a tasty salad within a mile of your front door. You may even be able to bring home enough for dinner tonight.

Spring cleaning tips: doing it the not-overwhelming way

Spring cleaning can be a no-stress way to help life run more smoothly, and we’ve got three way-simple ideas to help your efforts go farther.