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A three-day road trip and hiking getaway in Yosemite

We took a road trip up to Yosemite National Park from where our wedding was held in Temecula (Southern California). I won a three-night stay at the Redwood Cabins in the southern tip of the park at an auction for one of my firm’s nonprofit clients, and it ended up being just what we needed.

How do you stay awake on a long drive?

I’m about to embark on a weekend-long road trip. I’ll be driving, by myself, for 12 hours both there and back. I’ve made the trip before and it sucked, but at least my radio/CD player worked. Now it’s busted, and I’m worried about getting tired on the road.

The four-hour trip to the bank that reminded us about what was REALLY important

All the while we were dating, my (now) husband and I kept or finances completely separate, but after a long talk about money, we decided we at least needed access to each other’s bank accounts. My husband banks at Navy Federal Credit Union, and the nearest branch is four hours away. When we finally did make the trip to his bank, it was one that would change our lives and forever change our priorities.

Send your friends on their way with a road trip care package

My best friend since I was a child/my downstairs neighbor just packed up and moved away. She’s driving with her husband and two dogs in tow from Los Angeles to their new home state of South Carolina. I didn’t know what to get her for a “going away present” so I put together a little road trip care package. Here’s what I included…

How to move your pets across large distances stress-free

Planning long-distance travel with your kitty in tow? Offbeat Home Ashley is doing exactly that and has been doing lots of research on the topic. Here’s here helpful tips about travling, stress-free, across long distances with your pets.

Road-trip: what can’t we miss seeing where you live?

I’d like the Homies to give us touristing recommendations in their area. We need must-visit places — we hope they give us the fortitude to stop joking about our dream trip and start planning it!