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3 life lessons I’m tryna teach my kid through holiday cards

I don’t have that many holiday traditions… But my son and I do holiday cards together every dang year because I think they’re a silly tradition that’s oddly important. There are valuable life lessons I’m tryna teach a guy…

What Makes a Baby and 5 other books that explain the different ways families are made

Based on how many of you have told us about it, we know a bunch of you are big fans of What Makes a Baby, one of the newer kids books out that explain conception, gestation, and birth to the 3 to 8-year-old crowd. While this book is a good one, there are a whole bevy of books out there that explain the different ways families are formed and exist.

Why I’m choosing to write a book instead of having a second child

But when I take a hard look at my life I have to admit that I have a finite amount of time and energy and everything is a tradeoff. I am acutely aware that I traded a large chunk of my personal time to have a child. And I’ve never regretted that decision for a second. But I would regret a second child. Even if I did publish a novel with two children I would forever wonder what higher levels of success I could have reached had I decided to stop at one and focus on writing instead.

How did you decide you wanted to have a another offbeatling?

My first baby was a surprise (albeit an awesome one) but now that I know all of the work involved with parenting, I am finding it much harder to decide if I want another. I think only children are awesome, but sometimes I think I want to parent another child.

Why only children are awesome

I am a third generation only child, and my son will be a fourth generation only child. I am not only pro-only child, I’ve jokingly referred to myself as an only child bigot, prone to espousing how only children are a master race of superior humans. Really, I’m only half kidding, because I think only children are AWESOME. Here’s why.