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Maternity glam, straight from Hawaii

Marina of Red Heart Photo submitted an amazing photo to the Offbeat Mama flickr pool, and when I saw it I realized HEY WAIT A MINUTE! I posted photos from this mama’s wedding a few years back.

The “safe” zone wasn’t so safe

I recently miscarried a child that I wanted very, very much. I went to the doctor last Wednesday and the doctor told me she couldn’t find a heartbeat, and the baby looked a little “under-developed.” About three weeks under-developed to be exact.

My pregnancy was unplanned, so why am I so heartbroken over this miscarriage?

For most women week 13 is the time they get to relax as the “danger time” for miscarriage has passed. My week 13 involved getting a bad sign, and the doctor confirming what I already feared was going on: my pregnancy hormone levels had already plummeted, which meant you weren’t alive anymore.