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What I learned from my daughter’s helmet

When our daughter, Ruby (the most beautiful baby in the whole world) was about 4 months old I noticed something wasn’t quite right.

Marijuana might have made me a healthier mom

One mother who suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum during her pregnancy did her research and learned that her best medicine was probably going to be illegal.

Have screaming kid, will travel

It all started when the pills ran out. You see, when a 4’11”, petite-in-every-place girl delivers a 10 pound baby, there is a lot of, ahem, stitching and fixing up to be done.

Normally I decline medication, but after Jonah tore into the world my doctor didn’t have to push it. In the hospital, floating on pain medicine, I was still struck by how completely unprepared I was for taking care of a baby, but I was handling it okay.

Then I went home.

Fierce diabetic mom-to-be refuses to let the ‘betes keep her down

I am not a shy, vulnerable, brittle diabetic. I am fierce, and I am looking for my fellow fierce, pancreatic-challenged tribe.