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Gifts for people you really like but hardly know

Holiday shoppers, stop stressing: Offbeat Home has gotchu covered this year. All this week we’ll be bringing you helpful Homie shopping guides. First up: gifts for people you like but don’t know that well. This can be co-workers, perhaps a couple of in-laws, what about your trainer or tutor? These things will please EVERYONE, and make you look like you give a shit about ‘ol what’s-his-name.

Agnostic seasonal decor: it’s winter, not Christmas

I’d love to get some ideas for non-Christmas-holiday decorations. DIY would be especially treasured. Something more winter solstice-based…or really just not anything overly Santa Claus/presents/Christian-centered.

I am really awful at bringing details together, and I would love some offbeat advice!

Bastards and orphans: celebrating holidays with peers

How do you create a sense of community with a group of people who aren’t forced to put up with each other? If you’re creating your own chosen family, this post will help you get through the holidays a little more warmly.