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Yes, I’m a mom with a mohawk

I would be foolish to think that hair is more important than the precious time I have with my son, but I know who I am as an individual, as a mother and most importantly as a role model for my son.

Heck yes you can be a mom and write a novel too!

I wrote three pages for my novel this morning. Not in the loveliness of silence and time to myself where the brain is functioning and uninterrupted. No. I wrote in the chaos of post-breakfast, children running around the house pretending to be dinosaurs or cats or superheroes or whatever it was they were pretending to be.

My parents were awesome

I’ve completely fallen in a sweet kind of love with My Parents Were Awesome, one of those single-serving websites that does one thing and one thing only: share vintage shots of awesome parents, all submitted by their kids.

Self-rescuing princess t-shirt – You’re darn right

I am probably betraying my geekier sensibilities here, but if we end up having a daughter this is exactly the kind of message I want her to send to the world: Seriously, I can’t think of a better shirt for a little girl to wear around. Why not give her a head start in feeling […]

Is feminist motherhood an oxymoron?

I’ve been having a very difficult time trying to marry my feminist ideals with my thoughts on what a mother should do, and I have a lot of hang-ups about whether or not I’m making enough sacrifices for my daughter.

Why you should forget the mothering magazines

The hardest part of being a mother is trying to be a mother. Let me clarify: The hardest part of being a mother is trying to be the mother everyone tells you you must be.

Silk wrap skirts, for when you can’t be bothered by maternity jeans

So there I was, lamenting the sad state of maternity pants in the world when one of the good mamas from the Twitter universe chimed in with a great idea: Forgo pants altogether. Who needs pants? Pants are awkwardly sized, too short, and a general nuisance. Dispense with them altogether and wear pretty, flowy skirts! […]

I left the music festival because it was too loud: Untangling the threads of a impending offbeat mama identity crisis

My identity as an electronic music fan (yes, ok fine: raver) dates back to 1996. But things shifted when I got pregnant.