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Do you have tips for gently teaching babies about household dangers?

I am a happy momma of an infant who is just under a year. My child is at the point where he is gaining self mobility, and as many infants do, curiosity. As the curiosity develops, certain unsafe practices such as touching outlets, getting into cords, and hitting anyone who tries to stop the child are also developing. I have been trying the redirection method, but I’ve been having very minimal success with it.

Because hitting your friends isn’t nice: how we’re gently disciplining our daughter

A few weeks ago, my daughter Charlotte hit her friend at the park. Twice. With a stick. I was mortified. I knelt down to her level, grabbed her hands, and asked her to look at my eyes, please. She looked at the sky, at the bushes, at her feet, but refused to look at me. “Charlotte,” I repeated. “I need you to look at me please.”

The gift of tantrums

Monica gives you an alternate way to think of and cope with those crazy little tantrums toddlers are so fond of throwing.