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Match your front door to your eclectically coral home decor

This beach house for sale in Laguna Beach has a coral-colored lesson for all of us… How lovely does it look when you match the color of your front door to the color scheme of your living room?

Escape the cold with this kitschy, Floridian winter getaway to Jacksonville Beach

I ended up in the Jacksonville Beaches area to attend a wedding. Coming from Michigan to Florida in December seemed like a good time to turn the trip into a nice vacation. The location is beautiful and I wanted to prioritize taking as much time to relax as possible.

Anchor’s aweigh and into your home with these nautical housewares

Got a house near a lake or beach? Or do you wish you did? Or maybe you just love sailing and ocean creatures. Let’s celebrate our love of the sea with this nautical-themed shopping roundup…

My families’ glittery, ocean-y, Maui island shack, fit for a mermaid

Did y’all know that my home-away-from-home is on Maui? My family owns a place there that we jokingly call “The Shack.” It’s the place where we got the hemp lamp, and the carbana. It may not look like much from the outside, but my mother has transformed the inside into a glitter girly mermaid-inspired island oasis. If you like all things shiny and ocean-y you’ll love this home tour.

Also, this begs the question… where are all my island-dwelling Homies? Let’s talk about this very awesome, but sometimes challenging lifestyle.

Leo D’s renting out his beach house this summer so I need 300 of you to give me $500 each

I was recently told that Leonardo DiCaprio is renting his Malibu beach house this summer for a cool $150,000 a month. Reality aside (because seriously: 150k! A month!), I immediately started thinking of all the things I would do in said beach house.