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What non-crazy steps did you take to baby proof your home?

I have a four-month-old little ball of love who is about to become a ROLLING ball of love. My partner and I are looking into baby-proofing — or rather, baby safe-ing as I like to say — our two bedroom apartment.

Baby-proofing with beanbags

I’ve always been a big fan of the beanbag chair. It’s great for snuggling while watching TV, sprawling out solo with a good book, chilling with a pet, starting conversations at parties, breaking physical barriers between people, and easy to move when it’s time to vacuum. You can even take a beanbag camping with you and lounge under the stars in comfort. A good beanbag chair can make a room feel fun, casual, playful, and cozy. Turns out, beanbags also make awesome baby-proofing.

Do you have tips for gently teaching babies about household dangers?

I am a happy momma of an infant who is just under a year. My child is at the point where he is gaining self mobility, and as many infants do, curiosity. As the curiosity develops, certain unsafe practices such as touching outlets, getting into cords, and hitting anyone who tries to stop the child are also developing. I have been trying the redirection method, but I’ve been having very minimal success with it.

Childproof your home — not your life

We baby proof our lives so much we get scared. We as parents want to protect our children, but I think we’re over protecting them 90% of the time.