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How we created a co-sleeping minimalist hippy bedroom!

How on earth can you create a minimalist bedroom with hippy decorating tendencies? Especially when you happen to be a family of co-sleepers who resides in a 100+ year-old cottage.

I know. You’ve probably wondered this question A THOUSAND TIMES. Wonder no longer, dearest. I’m here and I’m happy to help!

Kindlewood: An old hospital building becomes a single mom’s adventurous business

I saw this house and couldn’t stop thinking about the possibilities of it — so I opened up a travel lodge. Now I host people from all over: entire circus troupes, love-lorn Russians, gay Filipinos, and many more. 

A bright and happy retro-styled Sunshine Coast apartment, filled with Blythe dolls

You won’t believe the quick work Nicole and Greg made in decorating their new apartment: they just moved in six weeks ago and already it’s full of thrifted funky goodness.