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Open thread: do you ever catch yourself turning into one of your parents and like it?

I spent a lot of time as a teenager wondering if my mom was really happy. How could she be, I wondered, working a thankless job as a teacher, married to a man who worked incessantly, and dealing with two kids who were hell? She never stopped moving — she would wake up at 4AM to work out before her day began, and then go through her daily motions. How could anyone be happy with that?

How beating up a sack of potatoes helped me deal with my father’s illness

My mom spoke in a tight, scared voice as she told me Papa was being airlifted from their small town to the capital city where I lived. His heart condition had triggered acute kidney failure and he was in and out of consciousness, rapidly sliding closer to death. I said yes and hung up in a daze.

My mom doesn’t like me: parental estrangement and lessons learned

Sometimes, your own best intentions and healthy patterns can’t cancel out the choices your parents make. It isn’t an easy decision to come to, to make, or to act on, but sometimes estrangement is the right choice for you. It was for me. These are the lessons I learned along the way.

Down in Dad’s Shop: a second generation stay-at-home-dad’s reflections on childhood

I grew up with an understanding of manual labor that the children of those who work with their hands often receive: as rewarding as it might be, it is awfully hard on your back. My dad would come in from his barn at night, primer dust in his hair and streaks of paint on his shirt and we knew better than to complain about our days.

Many miles separate our family: life after your kids move out

My son and two daughters have grown up to be delightful young adults, funny, thoughtful, affectionate. We have great times together. Problem is, we just don’t see each other all that often.