Has anyone else named their house?

So, I am thinking of naming my house. Has anyone else named their house? Is this too antiquated, or will I confuse folks? Or are we bringing the funk to the suburbs? (Good Rick James funk, not gross funk.)


How long is an old tenant's mail my responsibility?

The girl who lived here before was here for five years of grad school, so naturally she still gets a lot of mail. I don't think either of us have the time to get together every week just to hand off a few postcards. So what I want to know is, at what point do I give up on reuniting a former tenant with her lost mail?


How can I help my cat settle in after our move?

My fiance and I have moved to a new apartment with our two cats. While one of our cats seems to have taken to it nicely, quickly finding his "spots" and settling in, the younger of the two, Tony, does not seem to be doing as well. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions to helping pets relax after a move, specifically when there are large changes to the amount of people around? Has anyone else found something similar after moving their pets?Thanks in advance for your help!


Oh shit, we bought a house! What now?

I called my husband and told him, "Oh shit, we bought a house." He said, "Okay, we need to sit down tonight and make a list…" A list of what? He owned a house well before I met him so he's gone through this before; but we've been together seven years now, which means that house was long long ago and what to prepare for was a distant memory.

What I need is a checklist — and I don't mean things like get an inspection and such because that's been done. We've got a house that we need to prepare to move in to, so what do we need to do? I mean, I get the change of address to the USPS and the utilities, pack, get a rental truck for the small stuff and price movers for the furniture but what else is there?